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Bank Administration Resume Format

A bank administrator is responsible for managing and monitoring all the bank issues. He is responsible for checking out the savings, loans and trust services. He is also responsible for checking out whether the money is disbursed properly or not. The proper maintenance of the records also comes under the responsibility of bank administrator. His… Read More »

Bank Treasurer Resume Format

Within the financial institution a bank treasurer comes at the senior post. The major responsibility of bank treasurer is to manage and monitor the financial plan in order to check that all the transaction that has been made is satisfying the objectives or not. If any of the problems occurs related to the budget then… Read More »

Billing Clerk Resume Format

The main responsibility of billing clerk is to manage and create invoices, statements and to maintain records of payments. They are responsible for checking out the billable amount with the help of computers and calculators. He is also responsible for calculating client fees in some of the organizations such as law firms and accounting firms.… Read More »

General Accountant Resume Format

The major responsibility of general accountant is to understand and analyze the financial details for creating of financial reports and budget for the customers. For the business he is responsible for preparing of profit and loss statement. He is responsible for conducting meeting for the auditors at the time of auditing. He is responsible for… Read More »

Tax Accountant Resume Format

A tax accountant must be filled with skills, experience and facts. He must be specialized and expertise in several areas of his interest. He is responsible for managing and monitoring the management related to the business activities on taxes. He must be perfect with the concepts of tax accounting and tax laws. Tax Accountant Resume… Read More »