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Internal Auditor Resume Format

Trained as an accountant with an innate eagle eye for details, the Internal Auditor scrutinizes a company’s books to ensure they are correct and comply with legal statutes. Internal auditors can pinpoint data collection inefficiency and potentially criminal activities. They can specialize in various areas such as manufacturing, retail, insurance, banking, healthcare, and information technology.… Read More »

Document Controller Resume Format

For a company, to continue its smooth operations as per rules and regulations and also to keep profits along with maintaining a proper accounts, it is very much necessary that a professional person must be there who keeps control and manage all the essential documents of the company. This may include higher degree of reliability… Read More »

Senior Accountant Resume Format

The job of senior accountant is to manage the overall accounts of the organization. Senior accountant reviews the tasks done by associate accountants. Senior accountant is responsible for guiding the junior accountant in implementing the best accounting practices for effective maintenance of the company financial transactions. They aide the associate accountants in preparing various account… Read More »

Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Format

The job of accounts payable clerk is to maintain the payments made to different vendors of the organization. The accounts payable clerk should be able to properly track and maintain the financial transactions with the vendors. They are assigned with the task of managing payable account. Accounts payable clerks are assigned with the task of… Read More »

Payroll Resume Format

Every organization has a dedicated staff for payroll management. The responsibility of the payroll department is to timely processing of salaries for the employees. They also manage the taxation concerns of the employees. Apart from salaries, the payroll department keeps track of all the compensations paid to the staff like bonus, salary advance etc. They… Read More »