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Advertising Resume Format

When applying for a job you are working towards having a relationship between your future employer and yourself.  As you write your resume, think of what you want to say and how you want to say it. The format you use determines whether you will get a job or not. First impressions last. If you… Read More »

Advertising Director Resume Format

Any company will tell you that having a director is of great importance. He ensures that all goes well. In the advertising industry the director ensures that there is proper communication between the members of his staff and potential clients. The director works at promoting the company as much as he can and initiates and… Read More »

Advertising Coordinator Resume Format

Working in the field of advertising requires someone who is focused, determined and well vast with the day to day changes going on. The industry needs a person who can create, build and maintain a healthy relationship with clients. For advertising to be effective the work of the coordinator will be develop and implement strategies… Read More »

Advertising Manager Resume Format

Advertising is an essential form of communicating to the public on goods and services that one may have and would want to provide. Therefore, the advertising manager has the sole responsibility in ensuring that the companies target goals are met, in reference to their target market and budget set for their advertising campaign and must… Read More »