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Air Force Resume

An air force resume is used to apply for jobs in the air force.  These jobs require specialized skills and training which is only given in the air force.  There are different types of jobs available in different sectors of the air force.  They include logistics, operations, maintenance, support staff, legal department, medical, and finance,… Read More »

Aviation Manager Resume Format

Following is the aviation manager resume Format. An aviation manager is an individual who takes care of the activities in the workshop and ensures that the aircraft has reached its final stage in the aviation industry. They also ensure that the aircraft is brought out to the proper shape and take up responsibility over large… Read More »

Airline Manager Resume Format

The Airline Manager Resume formatis presented below. Airline Manager is an individual who is responsible for the overall activities of the airlines and coordinates and organizes the team. The candidate will be responsible for managing the activities pertaining to the airlines management industry and to ensure code of conduct and changes in the activities that… Read More »

Aircraft Mechanic Resume Format

Following is the Aircraft mechanic resume format. Aircraft mechanics are individuals who are well trained in conducting the various units of checks in an aircraft and also possess a complete knowledge about aircraft trainings and more. The US industry demands that they possess a mechanic who is certified by the government and there are also… Read More »

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Resume Format

The aircraft maintenance technician resumeis given below. Aircraft maintenance technician is an individual who focuses on the activities that are related to the maintenance of the aircraft and the aviation industry and its activities. The primary need is to grab the attention of the employer and in an industry of this type, it is imperative… Read More »