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HR Analyst Resume Format

The major role of HR analyst is to deal with the problems that large organization faces. He is responsible for dealing with the educational requirements of individuals with the help of HRIS (Human Resource Information System). His responsibility is to maintain the reports for the employee overall performance, confidential data, their month vise attendance and… Read More »

Operations Research Analyst Resume Format

Operations research (OR) analysts or more commonly known as Management Scientists are basically problem solvers suing scientific statistical methods.  They are tasked to apply analytical research disciplines and mathematical models to enable management to formulate polices, make organization and operational improvements and other solutions for corporate problems. OR analysts are employed in nearly all industries… Read More »

Socio-Political Research Analyst Resume Format

Socio-Political Research Analysts provide politicos, entrepreneurs and the academe with invaluable data on the social and political landscape especially before national and local elections or prior to new product launches.  They study and publish results on social behavior, demographic shifts, population movements, the influx of migrants, voting trends and other behavioral aspects of individuals and… Read More »

Equity Analyst Resume Format

An equity analyst is responsible for assessing, evaluating and analyzing influencing factors that enable an accurate prediction of future trends concerning a company’s financial future. Based on the analysis and assessment done by an equity analyst they will be able to advice a company or organization which is the best course of action to take.… Read More »

Marketing Analyst Resume Format

The job of a marketing analyst is to collect useful and relevant data that will enable them determine potential and existing markets for a particular product or service. A marketing analyst is the best person to advice a company, business or organization about their competitors and changes in the market that could affect or impact… Read More »