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Investment Banking Resume Format

Investment bankers are the representatives of a financial institution that help companies increase their capital. . Investment Bankers job is to advise companies on potential mergers. Investment Bankers may have to represent the buy side or the sell side. Investment Bankers may advise companies on easing their financial distress. Corporate restructuring is one of their… Read More »

Escrow Assistant Resume Format

Escrow Assistants are also known as Escrow Technicians work with the Escrow Officer. They ensure that the details regarding the sales and transactions are precise and accurate. They Assisted their supervisor in the opening and closing of Escrow accounts. They also answer the general queries of the clients and guide them. Escrow Assistant Resume Format… Read More »

Banker Resume Format

Bankers are responsible for the management of bank. They are responsible for managing, recruiting, and training new staff. They have to deal with the customers to solve problems that cannot be resolved by the frontline staff. They are responsible for the implementation of sales strategies and work to meet the sales target. They are responsible… Read More »

Banking Loan Resume Format

Candidates working in this field deals with loans. They provide guidance to the clients and Assisted them in making right decisions. They are also responsible for loan collection. Moreover, they have to process, handle, and investigate loan applications. People seeking job in this sector should have experience in the field, and details of the experience… Read More »

Banking Business Analyst Resume Format

Banking business analyst job is to formulate and analyze business plans. They also implement those plans and analyze them for improvement. They are responsible for making budgets and advise the authorities on how to maximize profit. They analyze data in order to aid in management’s decision-making. The resume should highlight the experience gained in this… Read More »