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Retail Banking Resume Format

Retail banking is related to provision of customers’ loans, credit cards, and saving accounts to the clients. Retail Banker interacts with the clients to understand their needs and then suggest services accordingly. They take information from the customers and process it to estimate their credit worthiness. Retail bankers stay up-to-date about the new types of… Read More »

Banking Executive Resume Format

Banking executive is a high-ranking post. Therefore, it requires extensive experience in the banking sector. Banking executives are responsible for making high-level management decision. They develop and implement programs for new recruits. They are responsible for handling and monitoring a big team including many officers. The resume should highlight all the pertinent experience in this… Read More »

Entry Level Banking Resume Format

Entry Level banking positions are for new and relatively inexperienced individuals desiring to enter the banking sector. The resume for this post should highlight the academic background as well as any internship in the field. The resume should also include skills acquired over education years. Entry Level Banking Resume Format James Anderson 8411 Ventnor Ave… Read More »

Bank Loan Resume Format

Bank Loan Officers deal with the clients on the issues of loan. They have to guide clients on loan related policies of the bank. They process, investigate, and evaluate loan applications. They interact with the customers to understand their needs and suggest solutions accordingly. They are also responsible for maintaining records regarding the loans. They… Read More »

Banking Sales Resume Format

The job of the banking sales manager is to plan and implement sales strategies for the bank. They have to supervise and motivate the staff to achieve the bank’s goals. They are also responsible for recruiting new staff members and their training. Banking Sales Resume Format Margaret Garner 15325 15th Street, Queens VLG, NY 11427… Read More »