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Bank Teller Resume Format

The job of bank tellers is to process customers’ deposits. They also have to maintain the cash draw and Assisted and guide the customers. As they interact with the customers, customers might put many queries to them, which they should be able to answer effectively. Maintenance of the records of the transactions is also one… Read More »

Bank Receptionist Resume Format

Bank receptionists are the representatives of the bank, who has to deal with the customers and other people. They should possess good interpersonal skills, as they have to interact with people on daily basis. People come to them requiring guidance. They are supposed to answer their queries and/or direct them to the concerned departments. They… Read More »

Bank Cashier Resume Format

Bank cashier have to interact with customers on daily basis. They should have friendly and helpful attitude because they will have to deal with customers’ queries and their problems. Bank Cashiers use customized computers to record daily transactions and maintain related records. Bank Cashiers are expected to sell bank’s products and services to the customers,… Read More »

Treasury Resume Fornat

If you are applying for the job of treasury analyst and you want to write an effective resume for the post of treasury analyst, then following sample treasury analyst resume will help you. If you are feeling that writing a winning resume is a difficult task then don’t worry, this sample treasury analyst resume will… Read More »

Loan Officer Resume Format

This sample resume can be helpful if you are applying for a job such as that of a Loan Officer. Sample Loan Officer Resume Aman Verma 36, Sushant Street New Delhi Home: 011 2345674 Mobile: +984567432 Career Objective: Experienced Licensed Loan Officer and customer service leader with proven ability to integrate and coordinate multiple… Read More »