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Construction Resume

A construction resume can be used by individuals who want a career as construction estimators, construction laborers, construction managers or construction technicians.  Working in construction requires specialized skills and training depending on the requirements of the job.  The job involves working on site to come up with a construction.  It requires working with plans, a… Read More »

Maintenance Worker Resume Format

Following is a maintenance worker resume formatthat can be best applied to similar positions in any industry. The responsibility of a maintenance worker is to carry out all the activities that are related to the design and the formatting of gardens, lawns, and to create a positive impact on homes, offices and more. The below… Read More »

Maintenance Technician Resume Format

Given below is a maintenance technician resume formatthat can be tailored as per your needs. As the name implies, a maintenance technician is responsible for all the maintenance work of the organization that deals with the alteration, repairing, constructing and all the more. It could be streetlights, lights at offices, service areas, parking, drainage, or… Read More »

Journeyman Electrician Resume Format

Mentioned below is the journeyman electrician resume format. A journeyman electrician is a person who is still in the process of learning and hasn’t yet completed or is a master in the specialization. They help in the maintenance and carry out the various activities that are related to the wiring and the building up of… Read More »

Welder Resume Format

The following format is a Welder Resume Format to apply for the post of welder in a construction companies, automobiles industries and various other metallic industries. The job of a welder is to do welding ofmetals such as iron, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass etc. The skilled welders are in heavy demands by the combustion… Read More »