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Welder Fabricator Resume Format

Here a sample of Welder Fabricator Resume Format is provided so that individual can apply for this job by highlighting his abilities, skills and experience in a better way in front of the desired construction companies. The welder fabricator fabricates structures made up of metals like stainless steel, aluminium,copper, and cast iron by bending, cutting… Read More »

Painter Resume Format

Here is a sample of painter resume format for applying as a painter in various companies, manufacturing industries like automobile industries and many more. Main job of a painter is to paint equipment, machines, walls, road sign boards etc. and sometimes repaint them. Nowadays skilled and experienced painters are in huge demand in several industries… Read More »

Maintenance Manager Resume Format

This is a sample of maintenance manager resume format which will help the applicants who are applying for the post of Maintenance Manager to draft a good resume. The main job of a Maintenance manager is to maintain and coordinate the activities of the project like maintenance, repair, renovation of buildings, installation of new equipment… Read More »

Janitor Resume Format

This is a sample of Janitor Resume Format for those who are seeking job of Janitor in various organisations, hospitals, schools and companies.The work of a janitor includes all types of cleanliness, unlocking at the beginning and locking at the end of the day of the building and many others small works. Through this resume… Read More »

Industrial Electrician Resume Format

The following is a sample of industrial electrician resume format. This format is for those people who are seeking job in industrial sector as an electrician. His work includes repairing, testing and maintenance of electrical equipment and machines. These electricians are in great demand in various industries including steel producers, motor vehicle manufacturers,electrical firms, mining… Read More »