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Building Maintenance Resume Format

The Given Sample is of Building Maintenance Resume Format. It gives you the format to present your resume in an attractive manner. You may change the data given below according to your needs and skills. Building maintenance requires person to be responsible. Building maintenance personnel should be responsible because both life and building are at… Read More »

Builder Resume Format

Here, a sample builder format has been displayed. It is a standard resume format which has been tailored for applying for the job of a builder and this format should be used for creating a good resume which showcases all the qualities of the applicant and also provides the best chance of succeeding. The main… Read More »

Construction Custodian Resume Format

The major responsibility of construction custodian is to make the buildings and office neat and clean. He or she is responsible for cleaning of floors, washing of glass and walls by removing their grime or dirt. His responsibility is to check out the leaky tap and valve within the buildings or in apartments. Construction Custodian… Read More »

Construction Maintenance Construction Resume Format

The role and importance of maintenance technician is required in almost all the fields in today’s world as per U.S. Bure4au of Labor Statistics (BLS). Maintenance technicians are responsible for maintaining machines, and other electric and plumber equipments that are required in day to day life. Their responsibility also includes repairing of heaters, pipes, boilers,… Read More »

Construction Estimator Resume Format

The major responsibility of construction estimator is to prepare the overall cost estimates for residential and other building projects. His responsibility is to make use of his hardcore experience in making the estimates and in taking crucial decisions related to the construction projects. A cost estimator must understand the requirements of the customers before making… Read More »