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Groundskeeper Resume Format

The major responsibility of groundskeeper is to maintain landscape related activities such as baseball fields, golf course, football fields, cricket fields, basketball court and tennis court. They are also responsible for maintaining parks, gardens and leisure areas. Their responsibility is to trim hedges and over grown grasses in gardens and parks. Thus the overall responsibility… Read More »

HVAC Technician Resume Format

The main responsibilities of HVAC technician lies in the field of heating, ventilation and air – conditioning. They are responsible for repairing the equipments and units that deal with heating and ventilation. The activities such as installation, repairing and maintenance are the major one that are under HVAC technicians. They are even responsible for selling… Read More »

Fire Sprinkler Fitter Resume Format

Fire Sprinkler Fitters install, test and repair piping systems terminated with sprinklers found in the ceilings of various industrial, commercial buildings and in garden lawns of homes and parks.  These sprinklers are meant to prevent potential fire and are of the wet or dry type, foam, chemical or other types.  Fire Sprinkler Fitters are trained… Read More »

Foreman Resume Format

Foreman is a general term used for a person who directs and supervise other workers. A construction foreman should have strong mathematical and analytical abilities as they have to make measurements and determine the best fittings. They should be able to interpret blueprints. Resume for this job should mention all the pertinent experience. Foreman Resume… Read More »

Interior Designer Resume Format

The work of an interior designer is to plan for the interiors of the commercial and residential areas. They plan keeping in mind their client’s requirement and budget. The responsibility of executing those plans also lies with the interior designers. They also have to buy furniture and other fixtures. They have to work with diverse… Read More »