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Kitchen Designer Resume Format

The job of the kitchen designer is to design the interiors of the kitchen. They also have to make purchases and buy various kitchen fixtures and furniture. They have to work to meet the design and budget requirements of the clients. The resume should detail upon the pratical experience in this field. Kitchen Designer Resume… Read More »

Plumber Resume Format

The job of the plumbers is to assemble, install, and repair pipe and fittings. They also deal with fixing installation of heating, water, and drainage systems according to the plumbing codes and specifications. They also plan for the plumbing necessities for new buildings and houses. Moreover, they also engage in the purchase of fixtures. Plumbers… Read More »

Town Planner Resume Format

Town planners’ job is an extensive one. They are responsible for planning new establishment both commercial and residential. They are also responsible for supervising the implementation of those plans. They have to mange a big team. They have to coordinate various activities and various departments. Town Planner Resume Format Sarah Ledger 10 Shadow Ln, Hinesburg,… Read More »

Electrician Technician Resume Format

Electrician Technicians are responsible for planning wiring systems for new buildings and houses, and implementation of these plans. They should be well acquainted with the safety rules and regulation. They also repair electrical goods. They also have to make electrical goods purchases. They also train apprentices and mentor them. The resume should mention detail upon… Read More »

Carpenter Resume Format

The Job of the carpenter is to make and repair wooden objects and structures. They plan and implement the carpentry work. Carpenters should have sound mathematical knowledge base as they have to make measurements. They are also responsible for the purchase of goods needed for the carpentry work. They work keeping in mind the client’s… Read More »