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Consultant Resume

A consultant is a professional who provides advice in his area of expertise such as business, management, law, food production, politics and marketing among other areas. Consultants are experts or professionals in a specific field and have a wide knowledge of in a particular subject area. Consultants work in a consultancy or they are self-employed.… Read More »

Technology Consultant Resume Format

Modern and advanced technology do shape and decide our lives and work style as well. This is why many people are entering the field of technological expertise. However, not many people know about a technology consultant resume format. Well, a technology consultant is a person who offers advice and guidance on the use of technology in business and commerce. He analyzes and studies the… Read More »

Research Consultant Resume Format

Research consultant resume format is something that will aid people in research and development department of any company. This is because any company needs research consultants to help in the task of new research. When scientific research activities are carried on, it is important that companies have some guidance and assistance as well. A research analyst or consultant will help to analyze the different R and D activities. When… Read More »

Fashion Consultant Resume Format

Fashion is said to be a fascination that would never end. This is why there are so many people aspiring to be fashion consultants. The sample of a fashion consultant resume format would tell aspirants about how to get a good job as a fashion consultant. The consultants are crucial parts of the fashion industry as they have a lot of knowledge and advice about fashion… Read More »

ERP Consultant Resume Format

ERP is short for enterprise resource planning. A sample of a proper ERP consultant resume format would be of great help to any aspiring ERP consultant. In the process of ERP, the resources and data of any business enterprise is classified, organized and stored in advanced computers systems and databases. An ERP consultant would be in charge of assisting the enterprises in storing and safeguarding their… Read More »