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Tax Consultant Resume Format

The main responsibility of tax consultant is to manage the accountancy work of an organization in such a way that the respective company may not fall in loss as well as recover the income tax. He is also responsible to minimize the taxation while following the laws and order. He or she is also responsible… Read More »

Marriage Counselor/Therapist Resume Format

The modern family is often beset with domestic relationship problems between the couples and with the kids that the burden can be enough to destroy the family.  In situations like this, the marriage counselor or therapists can help salvage a marriage and a family. Often using psychiatric evaluation methods to understand the problem, the marriage… Read More »

SEO Consultant Resume Format

The Search Engine Optimization Consultant is responsible for optimizing the design and coding of existing and new webpages to achieve a high page ranking in search engines, notably in Google and Bing.  The optimization applies to any website, whether for business, for celebrities or political figures.  The résumé should contain a portfolio of sites that… Read More »

Fashion & Wardrobe Consultant Resume Format

Although they could have been fashion designers in an earlier occupation, the Fashion & Wardrobe Consultant is more in the management consultancy profession where they provide advice on the right clothes to wear for any event or occasion.  They are often consulted on corporate uniforms, celebrity gala events, and by protocol officers in diplomatic events. … Read More »

Financial Consultant Resume Format

Financial consultants are back bone of every organizations financial department. Their suggestions can make or break the financial health of the company. Financial consultants are responsible for formulating and implementing various strategies and accounting practices Financial consultants are the most trusted in financial matters of the company by the management and hence financial consultants should… Read More »