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Creative Resume

The work of a creative worker is to come up with new and fresh ideas for various products, services and goods.  The work of a creative worker is to inform or persuade in an interesting and memorable manner that will enable the audience, readers or listeners to remember the product, good or service. A creative resume… Read More »

Window Display Designer Resume Format

Window shopping is among America’s favorite weekend leisure activity and there’d be nothing to see if not for the creative muscle of Window Display Designers. These artistic professionals go beyond festooning the store window with mannequins and trimmings.  Their work is basically a 3D representation of marketing promotions and campaigns that attract shoppers to visit… Read More »

Metal Works Artist Resume Format

Whether for art shows, architectural designs, public parks or home furniture and fences, the Metal Works Artist creates beautiful crafts in cast iron, brass, copper, bronze and even precious metals in jewelry crafting.  Using torches, smelters, foundries, and other tools, the artist manipulates and molds metals with specialization in any of the various metals commonly… Read More »

Choral Director/Conductor Resume Format

A Choral Director conducts choirs and glee clubs using original choral arrangements or makes his own interpretations.  He often works with a band, a symphony or philharmonic orchestra conductor of civic and government sponsored cultural centers.  A resume for the position often can benefit from a portfolio of inspired choral works under your baton. Choral… Read More »

Ballet Dancer Resume format

Ballet dancing is the most disciplined form of dancing that follows traditional dancing movements that have evolved into a fusion with expressive dancing styles for jazz, rock along with classical music.  In fact, most professional modern dancers such as those in dance ensembles for musicals, stage performances and figure skating are rooted in ballet disciplines.… Read More »