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Dance Choreographer Resume format

The Dance Choreographer has to be really talented and innovative to have his dance sequences stand out and not just emulate or enhance a Michael Jackson moonwalking dance.   Choreographers are dancers schooled or trained in specific dancing styles – ballroom dancing, traditional and free style ballet, tribal, Afro-Caribbean, hip-hop, etc., and have the ability to… Read More »

Bit-Player/Extra Resume Format

Not every actor on stage or screen takes on a lead or supporting role.  There are roles for bit parts, cameos and extras, depending on the requirements of the story.  For this reason, bit players and extras create supporting presences along with supporting leads.  Sometimes bit players can steal the scene and eventually be recognized… Read More »

Film Music Director Resume Format

Considered among the most vital elements in a movie, the musical background completes the mood and sets the pace of the action or scene in a movie. To this end the Film Music Director harnesses the musical resources at his disposal whether using original or existing materials.  A resume for a film music director require… Read More »

Creative Professional Resume Format

Creative professionals work in various jobs. There are numerous opportunities for professionals in creative fields. Creative professionals can work as creative directors, art directors, artists, set designers, production managers etc. To be a successful creative professional one should have unique abilities. The ability to constantly innovate and think out of the box is important for… Read More »

Creative Designer Resume Format

Creative designer is one of the highly paid jobs in creative professional field. Creative designer is responsible for conceptualizing various unique designs and ideas for the organization. They can work as set designers in film industry. The job of creative designer is to formulate a proper design for the product or other materials based on… Read More »