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Customer Service Resume format

The main responsibility of fast food cashier is to maintain the good business relationship across the states. He or she is also responsible to manage the account section of the office and deal with the monthly profit and loss statements. He is also responsible to welcome the customers, management of orders according to the priority,… Read More »

Museum Visitor Guide Resume Format

With all the displayed artifacts, the visiting experience in a large museum can be bewildering if not for a well guided tour of the museum.  This is where a seasoned Museum Visitor Guide comes in.  While there are now self-service LCD monitors in major exhibit locations or simple descriptive plaques on their glass enclosures, a… Read More »

Retail Customer Service Resume Format

Retail Customer Service Officers are responsible for selling goods and services to the customers. They interact with the customers to understand their needs and then guide them accordingly. In some work setting, they are also responsible for handling transactions and maintaining the cash draws. Senior officers are responsible for mentoring and supervising the junior staff.… Read More »

Customers Service Representative Resume Format

Customer Service Representatives have to deal directly with the customers. They have to answer their queries and to ensure that the customers’ expectations are met. They are also supposed to manage staff. They should maintain good rapport with the customers. Excellent interpersonal skills are an essential for this job. Customers Service Representative Resume Format Michael… Read More »

Call Centre Manager Resume Format

Call Centre Managers are responsible for the supervision of staff members. They set goals and monitor progress of the staff. They are responsible for implementing and, if required, modifying company’s policies. They are also responsible for hiring and training new staff members. They are responsible for handling customers’ complaints and queried. They maintain records of… Read More »