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Engineering Resume

The engineering field is a specialized field which requires certain qualifications.  It is important for the engineering resume to include all qualifications and educational background which highlights the skills of the person applying for the job. Most companies looking to hire engineers require that the person possess an engineering degree.  Some will hire fresh graduates while… Read More »

Entry Level Engineering Resume Format

An entry level engineering resume format would be good for those, who are newcomers to the field of engineering. Entry level engineers are the interns who have freshly graduated from engineering college. These people need to have some solid expertise and skill in engineering. They need to be well-versed with the various engineering fields as well. This is because they have the same number of responsibilities as any senior… Read More »

Aerospace Engineering Resume Format

An aerospace engineering resume format would be of great help to those, who want a dynamic and unusual career option. Aerospace industry is all about aviation and aerospace programs piloted by government space agencies. The aerospace engineer is the technical person who will try to monitor the aerospace and aviation programs and missions. Aerospace engineers provide a lot of information and assistance about the technical aspects of aviation and space missions.… Read More »

Fleet Engineer Resume Format

The major responsibility of fleet engineer is to discuss and build company contracts for buying equipments. He is responsible for motivating and giving training to the employees of the company. He is responsible for negotiating the prices of tires, fuels and so on so that it could reach to the requirements and standards. His responsibility… Read More »

Optical Engineer Resume format

The major responsibility of optical engineer is to develop, plan and work with the laser and light emitting materials or tools in order to complete several tasks. There are responsible for performing various kinds of researches. They are responsible for designing and developing of gas lasers, and several other light emitting devices. They are also… Read More »