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Piping Engineer Resume Format

The major responsibility of piping engineer is to install, repair, maintain and handle all the problems or difficulties related to piping in any building or in home. Piping issues within the restaurants, schools and private residence also comes under the responsibility of piping engineer. They are responsible for checking out the pipe that which one… Read More »

Test Engineer Resume Format

The major responsibility of test engineer is to test various products technically launched by the company. The testing of the product is done in such a way that they work properly with their functionality before they are sold to the customers. They play their crucial role in different industries. A test engineer is also responsible… Read More »

VP engineer Resume format

The major responsibility of vice president engineer is to plan for the strategies that can help in the growth and development of organization. He is responsible for helping the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. He also takes guidelines of CEO, if any of the changes occurs in the plans and policies being set… Read More »

Aircraft Design Engineer Resume Format

The aircraft design engineer or aeronautical design engineer studies and implements new flight technologies in the design of aircraft that bring better cost economies and operating efficiencies, whether in the military or civilian uses.  The engineer may specialize into various design areas like commuter planes, helicopters, large commercials airlines, unmanned military spy planes, or missiles. … Read More »

Bridge Engineer Resume Format

A sub-discipline in Civil Engineering, Bridge Engineers specialize in the design of bridge building methods using various traditional and innovative techniques.  They are also involved in mega-engineering works for long-span bridges that can traverse miles of waters and over various islands that can accommodate road vehicles and rail transport systems. Bridge Engineer Resume Format Eng.… Read More »