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Physical Metallurgical Engineer Resume Format

Physical metallurgical engineers design and implements the equipment and process for the safe and cost effective extraction, development and processing of metals and minerals for industrial and commercial use.   Metals in their natural state are often too weak or too brittle for commercial use and these engineers develop the alloying methods that give us carbon… Read More »

Waste Treatment Engineer Resume Format

With a lot of toxic wastes hazardous to both people and the environment, such as medical, chemical and non-biodegradable wastes, to mention some, Waste Treatment Engineers design and implement processes for effective waste treatment and safe disposal using engineering and chemistry principles.  A resume as a waste treatment engineer should include a portfolio of projects… Read More »

Process Safety Engineer Resume Format

Industrial or Process Safety Engineers design and implement safe working environments to protect workers from in-process hazards resulting from the interaction between people and the manufacturing process.  They involve designing safety features to anticipate, inspect and remediate danger points along processes to safeguard the health and safety of workers and preclude disruptions to operations. Safety… Read More »

Systems Software Engineer Resume Format

Have you ever wondered who developed the MS Windows Vista or the Android OS for cellphones?  The makers are a team of programmers and systems analyst headed by a Software Systems Engineer.  They create the technical and functional developmental blueprint for the entire coding work, distributing parts or modules to many systems analysts for large… Read More »

Quality Assurance Engineer Resume Format

Quality Assurance Engineers define, implement and monitor conformance with the manufacturing and service quality standards.  They also evaluate in-process capability to ascertain process improvements before any system upgrade can be adopted to push the envelop to higher standards.  The elements to QA can be methods, machine limits, input materials and worker attitudes. All these are… Read More »