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Finance Resume

The field of finance involves working with figures, money and assets.  A finance resume can be used to apply for a job in the field of finance.  The resume can be used to apply for a job in the finance department of a company, in the stock market, in an asset management company or financial consultancy… Read More »

Staff Auditor Resume Format

Below given is the staff auditor resume format that can be used as a help in making your own resume after carrying out the required changes in it. The work of Staff Auditor, as the name describes, include the responsibility of auditing the planning documentation for the growth and benefit of the organization. Staff auditor… Read More »

Office Coordinator Resume Format

An officer coordinator is responsible for checking out several financial records and receipts. He is also responsible for managing payment bills. His responsibility is to keep the records up to date including the insurance policies. As an officer coordinator is considered as a public image for the company thus his responsibility is to answer the… Read More »

Underwriter Resume Format

The main responsibility of underwriter is to check out the weather the probable clients are getting the appropriate service from health insurance companies or not. They are also responsible for evaluating the financial risk that clients can face and also the service provided by the companies to them. The post of underwriter comes into two… Read More »

Chief Finance Officer Resume Format

Providing programmatic and operational help to the organization comes under the responsibility of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The responsibility of CFO is to assist the managers in getting the best budget for any of the new project. He is responsible for setting the target and goals for the company and the deadline to achieve them.… Read More »