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Fundraiser Resume Format

The major responsibility of fundraiser is to increase the fund or to raise the money within an organization. For any organization to achieve its goal or to increase the total turnover, the most important person required is Fundraiser. His responsibility is to spread his network in order to enhance the growth of company or an… Read More »

Loan Servicer Resume Format

The major responsibility of loan servicer is to manage inbound and manual calls. He is also responsible for preparing loan demand. His responsibility is to check out the requirements of customers and fulfill them at any cost.  The queries made by customers are solved by loan servicer and this is one of his crucial responsibilities.… Read More »

Finance Resume Format

The major responsibility of staff auditor is to plan and execute the reporting audits of accounting and finance.  He is also responsible for checking out business process controls as well as audit functions. His responsibility is to communicate with senior auditor if any of the recommendations are required. He is responsible for checking out whether… Read More »

Budget Analyst Resume Format

The Budget Analyst prepares and validates budget plans, gathering historical cost data vs actuals and business plans to arrive at a comprehensive budget for approval, as well as consolidate budgets from various assigned operating units.  The position requires a solid background in accounting with organizing and analytical skills. Certification as a CPA may not be… Read More »

Lead Financial Investigator Resume Format

Lead Financial Investigators collect and compile information for risk management people to do their jobs.  They support corporate functions such as credit investigation, vendor accreditation, corporate acquisition efforts, manpower recruitment and general security to minimize the financial risk the company is exposed in any of its 3rd party dealings.  The financial investigator is often part… Read More »