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Securities Analyst Resume Format

Securities Analysts explore and evaluate securities markets and trends to spot high yielding stocks, bonds and securities to enable the company’s financial mangers to maintain a reasonably profitable inventory of marketable securities instead of idle cash lying in low yield bank deposits.  They are considered among the most vital sources of informant in the financial… Read More »

Refunds Clerk Resume Format

Cashiers and sales agents may do customer refunds outright on the retail floor but some industries require a processing lead time to adjudicate refund requests.  The process check fits if the customer’s money has indeed entered the books and that a refund has been approved for whatever reason.  Procedural accounting reversals require further approvals in… Read More »

Economist Resume Format

Economists are market and industry researchers greatly valued for their scientific on local and global economy. Employed in government finance, federal reserve banks and securities agencies and in the private sectors by financial institutions and bourses, economists are often consulted for their expert opinions on local and global economic forecasts and trending in aiding business… Read More »

Mortgage Broker Specialist Resume Format

A mortgage broker specialist is a real estate financing professional specializing in assisting consumers in the selection, processing and closing of a mortgage loan. The position can be a freelance broker or work in any independent financing brokerage firms to serve as the mediator between a prospective buyer of a property, or borrower and the… Read More »

Estimator Resume Format

Estimators deal with helping companies maximize their profits. They make budgets and cost proposal. They have to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest financial trends allowing them the ability to formulate cost effective proposals. They are also responsible for reviewing the cost proposals. They are responsible for advising the heads on financial issues. An educational… Read More »