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Entomologist Resume Format

The major responsibility of entomologists is to deal with all the issues related to insects. He is responsible for publishing of scientific papers and books. Giving lectures on the topics of entomologist also comes under the responsibility of entomologist. He is responsible for teaching the facts related to insects to the students residing in different… Read More »

Phlebotomists Resume Format

The major responsibility of Phlebotomists is to take out blood from patients in the hospitals and clinics. The blood donors come in hospital for donating their blood and all this comes under the responsibility of Phlebotomists. There are several blood collecting procedures which are taught in different training schools. The Phlebotomists must be well mannered… Read More »

Respiratory Therapists Resume Format

The main responsibility of respiratory therapists is to use several equipments and techniques which can help patients in breathing. The rate of respiratory therapist increases day by day and is estimated to reach 19 percent of current status. They are responsible for placing tube into the throat of patients so that it may help them… Read More »

Radiologist Resume Format

Radiologists are the professionals that are responsible for diagnosing illness problems with the help of UV rays and other radiation technologies. Their responsibility is to work with medical professionals for eradicating several diseases. The major responsibility of radiologist is to diagnose illness with X-ray technology. They may suggest you to go for several tests that… Read More »

Audiologist Resume Format

Audiologists are hearing and speech specialists who diagnose, evaluate and treat people with hearing and speech disorders, balance and related problems.  After administering the diagnostic tests, they often work in teams with physicians, speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, , nurses, and physiotherapists to assist in the treatment, rehabilitation or implantation of hearing aids. Audiologist Resume Format Dr.… Read More »