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Dermatologist Resume Format

Dermatologists are doctors specializing the care, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and disorders for medical and cosmetic purposes.  They are popular in treating hair loss problems, acne control and signs of aging.  Many specialize in cosmetic dermatological application while others go into pharmaceutical research work in formulating skin care products.  Then there are dermatologists… Read More »

Certified Clinical Perfusionist Resume Format

Using external heart lung machines, Certified Clinical Perfusionists are trained to sustain the life of a patient undergoing open heart surgery involving valve bypass or heart transplants.  The patient’s heart is stopped during these operations to facilitate surgical work and the perfusionists operate the heart lung machines that take over the cardiopulmonary functions of the… Read More »

EMT- Paramedics Resume Format

EMT-Paramedics or EMT-4s occupy the highest level of EMT (Emergency Medical Technologists) as defined by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).  A paramedic provides emergency medical attention to persons who figured in accidents, violent assaults, strokes and other emergency situations while at the scene and en route to a hospital.  They are seen… Read More »

Addiction Counselor Resume Format

Addictions Counselors are trained to rehabilitate people suffering from addition from controlled drugs and unhealthy habits like smoking, alcoholism and coffee drinking.  With an understanding that there could be psychological or physical roots to the problem, the addiction counselor helps addicts regain control of their lives.  They work with government agencies and rehabilitation centers to… Read More »

Healthcare Resume Format and Example

Healthcare Resume   For a healthcare provider, before writing your resume you should first know which field of healthcare you want to enter. Healthcare is a very diverse field, and knowing what field you will enter beforehand may help you create a more organized and effective resume. When you write down your healthcare career objectives… Read More »