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Hospitality Resume

The mention of hospitality conjures ideas of the hotel industry. However, the hospitality industry also includes events, gaming, entertainment and recreation. A hospitality resume is mainly used by bar tenders, waiters, chefs, hotel managers, banquet managers the rest of the workers in the hospitality industry. Applicants seeking jobs in the hospitality industry must include a… Read More »

Spa Manager Resume Format

Spas and massage rooms are popular as places where people can feel invigorated and enlightened. This is because in a spa, a person can feel light and warm as well. Spa manager resume formats are for people, who want to progress in an unconventional career path. Spa managers are fully in charge of spas and… Read More »

Restaurant Manager Resume Format

Restaurants are busy places. People walk in, order drinks and meals and waiters are carrying their orders to their tables. Every restaurant must have a manager, and this position can be achieved with a solid restaurant manager resume format. This means that a restaurant manager should have the right abilities in handling the customers and… Read More »

Housekeeper Resume Format

If you are living a hectic life in a big city, you need some domestic help to sort out and do all your regular household chores. The sample of a housekeeper resume format would be of great help to an aspiring domestic helper. A housekeeper has to clean the house and keep it tidy and organized as… Read More »

Hotel Receptionist Resume Format

The reception in any hotel is the small place where people stop over. It is at the reception where the rooms and suites are chosen, booked and reserved. A hotel receptionist resume format would help a wannabe receptionist to get this job. A receptionist has to allot the rooms and suites to the guests who come in.… Read More »