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Hotel Management Resume Format

Hotel management resume format would of great help to people who want to make something out of hotel management degrees. This is because hotel managers are people who are paid quite well for their services. Hotel managers are people, who have to look carefully over the whole management of the hotel. They have to ensure that… Read More »

Hotel General Manager Resume Format

When you walk inside a hotel, you find its corridors and lobbies throbbing with activity. Such a hectic routine in any hotel is brought about by the help and assistance of a hotel general manager. So, a hotel general manager resume format should mention the necessary skills and abilities for running the hotel. The hotel general manager… Read More »

Hospitality Executive Resume Format

Hospitality is an aspect that counts a lot in hotels, resorts and other places as well. The field of hospitality is being sought after by many young people. Some would like to know in detail about a sample hospitality executive resume format. Well, a hospitality executive is the one, who supervises the hospitality aspect in any… Read More »

Food Technologist Resume Format

Food is what we eat, at home and in restaurants. It is the substance from where we derive our main nutrition. A food technologist resume format is supposed to help people who want to enter the scientific field. Food scientists and technologists are people who come up with better solutions in diet and regular food. These chemical… Read More »

Executive Chef Resume Format

An executive chef resume format is one which might help one in getting a job of an executive chef. Executive chefs and cooks are those, which work exclusively in the major league hotels and resorts. They are preferred by such places because they have a lot of cooking ability and skill. An executive chef should have all… Read More »