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Bartender Resume Format

The Bartender is often the most approachable person at the end of the day for people with problems as they take a drink or two on the way home. They are known to be conversationalists which are often their most important trait to attract and retain pub patrons outside of their ability to make drink… Read More »

Catering Sales Manager Resume Format

If you plan to host a celebration at home or office, but you have no time to bother with the food preparation and party logistics, you can deal with catering service companies and Catering Sales Managers are more than happy to help you.  They can arrange to have the menu dishes, heating equipment, party tables… Read More »

Banquet Sales Manager Resume Format

If you are planning to hold a wedding reception, a debut dance party, a company anniversary bash or any celebration for a special occasion in a hotel or resort, you’d be dealing with the Banquet Sales Manager. Tasked to maximize sales of hotel services to patrons outside of rooming accommodations, the Banquet Sales manager Banquet… Read More »

Sample Hospitality Resume

In making your hospitality resume, it is better if you key in important details of your life. In life nowadays, more employers are looking for a highly qualified person that would definitely fit the job. Details such as educational attainment, career accomplishments, professional experience, name, address and contact number. This information’s will definitely make your resume… Read More »