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HR Resume

A HR resume is used by professionals who work in human resource.  The human resource department is essential in every organization. The human resource department has wide responsibilities including hiring, training, compensation and dealing with labor disputes among other human resource related issues. HR professionals also act as counselors and provide advice on how to… Read More »

Facility Manager Resume Format

Facility management is not just about managing business enterprises. It could also be about managing establishments like shops, retail outlets or even clinics and medical nursing homes. A facility manager resume format would of great help to the aspirants. Facility manager is a person who knows the A to Z of everything in the facility. He should… Read More »

Compensation Manager Resume Format

Compensation is another word for salary. Employees are paid salaries for working in a company. A compensation manager resume format would of great aid to people who wish to enter the HR departments. When employees feel that they are not getting what they deserve for their efforts, they may leave the company or their moral would plummet.… Read More »

Benefits Coordinator Resume Format

Who is a benefits coordinator? He is an important person in the field of human resources for any company. A benefits coordinator helps the company to provide benefits and privileges to which the employees are entitled. A coordinator interacts with the employees and convinces them to do their responsibilities. He tells them about the job… Read More »

Assistant Personnel Officer Resume Format

A sample assistant personnel officer resume format would of great help to someone who wants to be a part of the human resource department. In any company or firm, a personnel officer has to aid the personnel of employees. He has to supervise the whole task of recruiting the new employees in the firm. Also,… Read More »