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Insurance Agent Resume Format

Insurance agents are required by all the insurance companies and their duties are to let businesses and people know about the insurance policies of the company and tell them what will suit them best. Insurance agents sell products or policies of an insurance company to the businesses and individuals. They look out for new clients… Read More »

Commercial Insurance Resume Format

Most of the insurance firms deal in both personal and commercial insurance categories. Commercial insurance department is more versatile and requires people with more skills and deep knowledge of insurance sector. Commercial insurance involves greater risk to the company and careful review of the policies is necessary from time to time. Commercial insurance resumes are… Read More »

Insurance Executive Resume Format

Insurance executives are present in every insurance company and firm. They should have managerial skills like planning and budgeting and ability to deal with other business matters. They also have the profit and loss responsibility of the business. They have to keep in mind the changes in laws and they also have the responsibility of… Read More »

Health Insurance Resume Format

Health Insurance personnel are required by Insurance firms. Their duties are to prepare health insurance claim forms and review health insurance claim policies. They have to determine what covers health insurance and what does not. They search and retrieve data using computers and they work according to the office records. Health Insurance Resumes are useful… Read More »

Insurance Resume Example

Insurance companies require people to work for them and skills as a salesman are the basic thing which companies are looking for. People working for insurance companies should be multi skilled and should know the complexity of their job. They have to perform managerial tasks and have to train their subordinates to make them more… Read More »