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My First Resume Format

In making your first resume, you need to put all the awards you had received from your past school years. Moreover, you can put your hobbies and interest to highlight the things you really love the most. In addition, you can put reliable character references so that somebody will back you up for the information… Read More »

Medical Assistant Resume Format

Candidates for the medical assistant position would be greatly helped during the application by submitting an effective Medical Assistant resume. When making a sound resume for this job position, make sure that the hiring manager can see the outstanding skills and traits that would make you efficient for the position. Sample Medical Assistant Resume Kurt… Read More »

Law School Resume Format

Making your law school resume may be a daunting task to do. However, you need to prepare and enhance your resume in order to reflect a professional impression on your application. Awards and recognitions will be the most crucial part of your resume. Your achievements can play a major part of being accepted to your… Read More »

Human Resources Resume Format

The human resources resume should display your knowledge about the policies as well as the overall business missions and goals of the company. It is very important to highlight your strengths as well as the work experiences that would show your expertise in the field. You may want to stand out using a human resources… Read More »

Flight Attendant Resume Format

When submitting a resume for the flight attendant post, always remember to check the preference of the airline to where you are going to apply. Most of them may require you to have a hard copy of your resume but some companies highly prefer e-mailed flight attendant resumes. Always make sure that your resume is… Read More »