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Teacher Resume

Qualifying for a teaching post definitely require you to show your academic excellence and outstanding work experience for the position. When making a teaching resume, make sure that you include skills, qualifications and abilities that would enable you to stand out and be an excellent candidate for the desired teaching post. Sample Teacher Resume Michael… Read More »

Technical Resume

Technical resumes follow a simple format but you should keep in mind that the resume should contain your key skills and expertise for the job. You may want to insert sub categories into your technical resume in order to give the reader convenience in viewing the important details that you have included in your resume.… Read More »

Firefighter Resume

In applying for this occupation, you need both physical and mental trainings to fit for this kind of job. Firefighters these days are known for their dedication and toughness for their job. The person needs to have specific trainings and key credential so that your resume would be interesting for fighting companies. Firefighter Resume Sample… Read More »

Architect Resume

When writing an architect resume, you must importantly include all your work experiences and successful projects since this would give you the plus factor on your employment. Like any other job applications, it is necessary to present a professionally written resume to ensure that you will win the favor of the employer or interviewer. Sample… Read More »

Accounts Payable Resume

In making your resume, you need to have specific details that show why you are qualified for the Job. Details like objectives, educational attainment and personal information will definitely make your resume interesting. You can even put your working experiences for additional information. This information’s can be an eye-catching for most employers. Accounts Payable Resume… Read More »