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Fashion Retail Manager Resume Format

A fashion retail manager is one who maintains the fashion trends and fashion technology in a retail segment of a garments organization. The primary duties revolve around evaluation of the fashion market, assessing market demand for fashion products of the company, create fashion presentations according to client requirements, engage photography sessions for new designer garments… Read More »

Network Operations Manager Resume Format

A network operations manager is a person responsible for the proper upkeep of the networking systems in an organization. The duties fulfilled by the network operations manager are to evaluate key performance metrics, provide assistance in upkeep of maintenance tools, upkeep of network equipment in the organization, provide troubleshooting, ensure proper network of systems at… Read More »

Nurse Case Manager Resume Format

A nurse case manager is one who is a registered nurse associated with a healthcare and medical services organization. The primary duties of a nurse case manager are maintaining contact between the doctors and the patient by informing the family of the patient of the medical progress. Apart from this the nurse case manager undertakes… Read More »

Retail Assistant Manager Resume Format

A retail assistant manager is one who is liable for the daily operations of a retail unit in an organization. There are a number of important tasks performed by a retail assistant manager such as reconciliation of receipts and cash, inventory control, orders supply and delivery, accuracy in day to day management etc. Apart from… Read More »

Technical Operations Manager Resume Format

A technical operations manager is one who provides technical know-how and operational facets in an organization. The responsibilities of a technical operations manager include overall supervision of the daily activities of the operations team, problem-resolutions, efficient management of operational activities etc. The role of a technical operations manager is quite tricky and requires occult skills… Read More »