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Manager Resume

A manager resume should highlight skills, knowledge and work experience that makes you suitable for the job of a manager.  A manager can work in almost any organization or company.  Their role is to manage people, products and services.  There is an option of being a customer care manager. A manager’s job requires the person… Read More »

Market Research Manager Resume Format

The Market Research Manager heads a team of research analysts assigned to various markets depending on the extent and reach of the company’s brand sales operations.   The manager is responsible for summarizing the research information from any of its markets for presentation to executive decision makers and corporate stakeholders to guide their strategic business and… Read More »

Retail Purchasing Agents Resume Format

Purchasing Agents, also known as corporate or wholesale buyers, are always on the lookout for the best deals in merchandise items and supplies that offer the best price for the quality and quantity.  The objective is to populate the store shelves with products the market will buy, allow high merchandise shelf movement and provide the… Read More »

Risk Management Manager Resume Format

The Risk Manager analyzes risks factors facing the company in all aspects of the business, recommends plans and implements approved ones in mitigating risk exposures and containing fallouts, costs and reputation damage.  The function also involves appraising management with real-time market, industry and government analyses that could pose as potential future risks to the business.… Read More »

New Product Planning Manager Resume Format

To remain competitive in cutthroat markets, a brand needs to be continuously offering new products to existing markets or expand to new markets.  To this end, the New Product Planning Manager makes this possible by conducting research on emerging market needs and changes in the demographs and lifestyles.  Going past what the product development department… Read More »