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Music Talent Manager Resume Format

Music and recording celebrities often get a break with the right talent manager providing the opportunities and sure deals for a recording project.  They promote talents in a highly demanding industry where your talent can be monetized. Most specialize in either the studio recording or concerts, while some do both.  Talent management can be performed… Read More »

Airline Refunds Manager Resume Format

Refunding unused airline tickets or segment tickets thereof is authorized by a Customer Relations Officer or the VP sales depending on the nature of the ticket. Approved refund requests, however, go through the standard accounting process prior to release to ensure proper system journalizing and to ensure that the ticket sales has entered the books.… Read More »

Call Center Manager Resume Format

This resume exposes the applicant’s skills and experience of working at a call center. The resume outlines skills such as good communication skills, typing skills and management skills that the applicant has. Other relevant jobs that can be applied for using this resume include transcription jobs; call center customer care jobs etc. Sample Call Center… Read More »

Sales Manager Resume Format

A Sales Manager Resume, will attract application readers if it contains skills such as customer relationship development, sales strategy know how, strategic marketing, competitive analysis, and revenue generation methods. This Sales Manager resume can be used for the application of Marketing Manager Jobs, Advertising Executive jobs and Creative Executive jobs. Sample Program Manager Resume Carol… Read More »

Program Manager Resume Format

A program manager resume should show that the candidate applying for the job has experience in the field of television and radio media. Professional experience must also be clear in the resume. A program Manager Resume can also be used when applying for other jobs in Broadcasting, Media analyst jobs, Television protocol manager jobs. Sample… Read More »