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Manufacturing Resume

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Lean Manufacturing Resume Format

Lean Manufacturers have the key job responsibility of helping to improve the safety, operations costs and product quality of the company. He is responsible for analyzing the transactional and production processes and identifies and helps address problems that might arise. They are also knowledgeable about the lean manufacturing tools and processes to educate and train… Read More »

Manufacturing Manager Resume Format

Manufacturing Managers are responsible for developing and executing manufacturing plans for the company. They also oversee the production process and planning of production schedules and makes sure that productions are cost effective, eliminating or minimizing waste products from the raw materials used in production. They also monitor, check and ensure that employees and products conform… Read More »

Manufacturing Project Manager Resume Format

Manufacturing Project Managers are responsible in creating clear and attainable project objectives that are within company’s affordability. They acts as liaison officers for outside vendors for field works in other companies that would handle the materials they would use for their products such as packaging, printing and labeling of their products ensuring that they comply… Read More »

Machinist Resume Format

A machinist handles, sets up, assembles and operates different machines and tools to produce precision parts and instruments and includes modifications, fabrications and repair of these machines. They should have knowledge and training with regards to mechanics, installation, operation and engineering. Hey must know how to read and interpret blueprints and specifications of the various… Read More »