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Entry Level Marketing Staff Resume Format

Entry Level Marketing Staff perform secretarial duties while also using office equipment in the office.  They are responsible for preparing documents and processing forms for the company and ensuring that all activities are followed on time.  Entry level marketing staff are also tasked to organize orders for shipment and are mainly responsible for ensuring that… Read More »

Public Relations Consultant Resume Format

A Public Relations (PR) Consultant handles projects from star to finish and oversees every single detail to ensure that the outcome is consistent with the client’s vision. They are able to set priorities and juggle multiple tasks and also keep a keen eye on the timeline and budget of the project to ensure that the… Read More »

Marketing Consultant Resume Format

Marketing Consultants have the responsibility of planning and implementing strategies that help their clients sell products and service. They utilize different marketing tools to aid them and their clients to understand consumer behaviour and preferences, advertising and public relations initiatives, like demographic research, and based on these researches the marketing consultant designs various approaches to… Read More »

Marketing Specialist Resume Format

A Marketing Specialist is responsible in designing, creating and delivering marketing programs to support expansion and growth of the company’s services and products. These roles include creating sales presentations and providing reports according to the information gathered that includes new products, market trends, products and brand competition and pricing. They assist sales and marketing management… Read More »

Internet Marketing Assistant Resume Format

An Internet Marketing Assistant works under the supervision of an interne marketing manager and alongside the internet marketing team in the development and implementation of internet marketing campaigns. They are responsible for implementing and expanding comprehensive keyword lists manually or in bid management tools. They also handle research and studies for reciprocal linking campaigns and… Read More »