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Online Marketing Director Resume Format

An Online Marketing Director is responsible for the online marketing team that handles clients and partner acquisition and retention for the company. Their duties include tracking and evaluation of marketing initiatives, collaboration with designers, working with the sales and client support team and identifying new online marketing opportunities and trends. Their responsibility requires flexibility, creativity,… Read More »

Best Marketing Organizer Resume Format

Best Marketing Organizers are marketing professionals who employ the best marketing strategies for the assurance of increased sales of the company.  They organize events for promotions, dicers, exhibitions and displays.  They must be knowledgeable of the best practices that have been used to successfully attract customers to buy products they put on sale.  These practices… Read More »

Marketing Vice President Resume Format

The Vice President for Marketing is a member of the executive team of the company and reports directly to the CEO. They are responsible for providing executive leadership and management to the company’s marketing organization with respect to marketing activities and strategies. They oversee the different departments of the company such as corporate marketing, channel… Read More »

Brand Manager Resume Format

Brand Managers are responsible in improving the value of brands, services and products of a company which will generate profitable returns for the company and its shareholders. They are also responsible for monitoring the performance of their brands, which includes managing and developing of their brands, image positioning to challenge other competitors. They are the… Read More »

Pricing and Tariff Manager Resume Format

Pricing and Tariff Mangers are responsible in formulating price models to reflect tariff structures for various products offered by the company. They establish and implement the approved pricing structure for sales agents to comply in distributing products and services with respect to market demands and competitors in its market and category. They gather data from… Read More »