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Media Resumes

Every new day the media industry continues to grow. The number of new entrants into the industry is way over the roof as many people want to be part of the glamour associated with the media industry. To get a job in the media industry is becoming harder by the day and only the best… Read More »

Film Reviewer Resume Format

Many movie enthusiasts refer to film reviews before spending hard earned cash to watch a theatrical release, with some watching only highly rated films or waiting for the DVD or home releases to purchase.  The Film Reviewer often bases his or her assessment of a movie on a wealth of movie matching experience as objectively… Read More »

Book Reviewer Resume Format

Professional Book Reviewers are tasked to read new literary manuscripts and publications to provide their expert commentary to help readers make a purchase decision.  Reviewers often specialize in one area or another like reviewing biographies, fiction and non-fiction novels, technical tutorials and self-help books, to mention some.  They can work as part time or freelance… Read More »

Broadcast Journalist Resume Format

It’s often the culmination of a broadcast journalist’s dreams to reach celebrity status among their peers.  Barbara Walters and Peter Jennings started out as Broadcast Journalists.  But apart from having excellent writing skills, a striking telegenic quality and an incisive wit in front of the camera, broadcast journalists have to work hard in getting their… Read More »

Film Editor Resume Format

The movies you enjoy in theaters and at home are the immediate work of Film Editors Out of miles of disparate outtakes and rushes taken by the director, the Film Editor does some cutting and splicing to make heads and tails out of them.   The Film Editor works with the director and the producer to… Read More »