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Theater Resume Format

The theater resume can get you a job as an artist on stage or back stage. The resume must contain your physical details like height, weight, eye color, hair color and also the languages known. The Theater professional has to make the audience laugh and cry to get fame. Theater Resume Format is helpful to… Read More »

Photographer Resume Format

The photographer’s role is to capture the beauty into the camera lens. The photographer resume must contain the sample of the work done by you. It will help the recruiter know your abilities and would select you soon. The photographer can opt for fashion photography, wildlife photography or many other fields in photography. The photographer… Read More »

Performing Arts Resume Format

The Performing Arts professional can work as an artist, art director, actor, dancer or any other profile in this field. The performing arts professional must bring life to the character he or she is playing. The audience must appreciate the performance. The Performing Arts resume given below will be helpful to you in forming your… Read More »

Musician Resume Format

The musician must be able to play musical instruments to bring life to the music. The musician can master either on or on two instruments. The musician can attach a CD of his work to help the recruiter know him better. The musician can master in classical, pop, rock or any other famous music style.… Read More »

Model Resume Format

The model is the face of the company for which it is working. The model resume gets more effective with the help of experience details and also the training acquired. A fashion portfolio or video recording of the audition can accompany the resume. The model can work as a fashion model, actor or theater artist.… Read More »