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Navy Resume

A navy resume can be used by individuals who are enlisted in the navy and want a career within the navy.  There are many diverse and interesting jobs available for those who have enlisted in the navy.  All enlisted personnel receive specialized navy training.  However, other skills are needed for the different job opportunities available. … Read More »

National Guard Resume Format

It is essential for job applicants to create resumes that are commensurate with their skills and experience. The employer wants to know what contribution the individual is capable of making in terms of qualifications and experience. This sample National Guard resume can be used to create resumes for various National Guard positions. Sample National Guard… Read More »

Coast Guard Resume Format

After acquiring a range of skills and garnering ample experience, it is important to be able to highlight this in a coast guard resume. A resume is a selling or marketing tool. This sample coast guard resume can be used to create effective resumes for coast guard job titles in various capacities. Sample Coast Guard… Read More »

Navy Office Resume Format

For many people who struggle to secure employment, their downfall is often the type of resumes that they send out to employers. A resume should effectively showcase one’s skills and level of experience. This sample navy office resume can be used to create resumes for various professional navy office jobs which includes administration, accounts etc.… Read More »

Navy Resume Template

The opportunity to serve one’s country is valuable. In order to secure this chance, it is important to write a navy resume that clearly describes the individual’s abilities, passion and ambition to succeed. The resume should grab the reader’s attention. This sample navy resume template can be used to create resumes for a wide range… Read More »