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Police Resume

A police resume is used to apply for a job in the police force.  The police are in charge of maintaining law and order within a particular area of jurisdiction as well as protecting people and their property.  Police officers need to have adequate training on the best and most effective ways of keeping the… Read More »

Police Inspector Resume Format

Professional Inspectors are responsible for detection and investigation of all crimes. They are tasked to uphold laws and codes of the land to ensure order and justice. They are highly trained in preparing scrutiny report and plan of action for conducting investigations. Among the investigations that they typically handle are cases of copyright infringement, financial… Read More »

Police Commander Resume Format

Police Commander acts as overall executive of a given governmental police department. They possess extensive experience in managing law enforcement agencies. They are highly trained in the conduct of direct crime prevention operations that includes patrol, community service, training, investigations and other law enforcement administrative service. They oversee daily police assignments and activities through subordinates… Read More »

Police Cadet Resume Format

Professional Cadet gives protection to life and property of the public. They are tasked to uphold laws and codes to ensure order and justice. They are highly articulate with rules and laws due to years of training and education. They are trained to practice strict coordination with other law enforcement agencies in observance of their… Read More »

Forestry Crew Chief Resume Format

Forestry Crew Chiefs are experienced tree professional who are responsible for designing programs for the protection of forest trees, plants and seedlings. They are also responsible for supervising staffs and employees in their activities of planting, cultivating and propagation of seedlings and harvest seedlings for planting. Their duties include overseeing operations of taking care of… Read More »