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Professional Police Resume Format

Professional Police primarily gives protection to life and property of the public. They implement and uphold the laws and codes of the land to ensure order and justice. They are highly articulate with rules and laws due to years of training and education. They are highly trained to practice strict coordination with other law enforcement… Read More »

Criminal Investigator Resume Format

The Criminal Investigator or agent is responsible for unraveling and establishing the facts behind a criminal event.  Using their innate observation skills, eye of detail, and deductive reasoning, criminal investigators harness the forensic tools and advance technologies available to determine the origins of a crime to help pinpoint the culprit and bring them to justice. … Read More »

Immigration Officer Resume Format

Immigration Officers are responsible for screening foreign nationals entering the US territory, allowing them to take residence, ordering the detention of over-staying or unauthorized immigrants, and filing cases for deportation.  They can also be assigned in consulates in other countries and be tasked to assist the embassy in processing VISA applications if required. Immigration Officer… Read More »

Parole Officer Resume Format

Parole Officers help reintegrate felons and convicted criminals who have been paroled into the societal fabric in a most productive way, while recommending more prison time for those who violate parole regulations.  Paroled offenders are technically serving their sentences but are released by the Parole Board for a number of reasons like good behavior.  The… Read More »

Correctional Officer Resume Format

Correctional Officers may look like police officers but they don’t have policing duties.  They are most responsible for the safe detention of felons, either undergoing trial or serving time in police departments, county, correctional institutions,  federal jails and penitentiaries.  Correctional officers oversee and control detained convicts in any of these facilities to ensure inmate security,… Read More »