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Resume Services

The competition is getting tougher. Everyone seems to have the same qualifications and others are overqualified. The trend is the same. You find the advertisement for your dream job and hand in your application. You have done this several times without any invitation for an interview. If you have all the right qualifications and skills… Read More »

Create a Resume

Creating a professional looking resume can be difficult if you have not received the right guidance. Your resume should be consistent, neat, clear, concise and easy to read. Resumes that contain typographical errors and lack consistency in font, font size and layout do not receive so much as a second glance from employers. Here are… Read More »

Online resume

Online resumes are written in a different format from that you would use for a resume that you want to print. The most popular formats for writing online resumes today are ASCII Text, PDF and HTML. ASCII text can be briefly described as the text that is used when writing email messages. HTML can be… Read More »

Resume Skills

When applying for any position, the applicant should be aware that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of applicants who are similarly qualified for the same position. Your resume should therefore be outstanding. The layout and format should grab the attention of the reader. Highlight the aspects of your character and work experience that… Read More »

Resume Building

Your resume is the tool which will get you into that interview room. It must sell you. A well written resume gets you halfway to your dream job. Many people are not aware of what to include and not include in their resumes as they set out to build them. There are a few things… Read More »