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How to Make a Resume

Competition for jobs is increasing steadily as more qualified graduates enter the job market. As a fresh graduate looking for a job for the first time, you may not have developed resume writing skills. As an employee who has worked for several years and is back in the job market after a long absence, you… Read More »

Resume Objective

Believe it or not, many employers base their decisions on the resume objectives of job applicants. Job seekers need to recognize that the employers receive hundreds of applications for the same position. They have little time to spend going through these applications and therefore look for the fastest means of sorting through them. As some… Read More »

Resume Outline

1. Personal details: In this section, list your full names and contact details. Include your email address, home address and phone numbers. These should be listed at the top of the page. 2. Profile: This is a short paragraph that tells the employer what to expect if they hire you. This should include any relevant… Read More »

Submit Resume

If you think your work was over when you finished compiling your resume and identifying the method you would use for distributing it, you are wrong. The submission of your resume is of just as equal importance as compiling it. Many highly qualified applicants have lost opportunities because they lack this realization. Distributing your resume… Read More »

Resume Structure

The content of your resume will determine the structure you will choose to apply. Identify the relevant key points of your resume then decide how best to highlight them.  Your career objective should come right below your name and contact information. Although it is optional to have an objective, a well written objective will grab… Read More »