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5 Tips on Writing a Good Resume

Resume is a document through which the candidate’s skills, educational background, objectives etc can be known. Resume should be impressive to the reader. These 5 tips on writing a good resume may help your resume to be impressive and to be considered for the interview are provided below. 1. Objectives and keywords State the main… Read More »

Different Types of Skills for a Resume

Resume is a document which is like an entry pass for the interview. So you have to prepare your resume carefully. You should represent your skills and qualifications clearly. You can include different types of skills for a resume which can grab your reader’s attention. But you should not include any irrelevant skills. Employers receive… Read More »

How to Write Job Resume Format

Job resume is a document which states the individual’s skills, relevant experience and background. For attending any interview, the recruiter firstly asks for the resume to screen the candidates based on the skills, experience etc.; and to know about the candidate. So the candidates who have completed their studies and are going to attend the… Read More »

Resume Tips

Resumes are all about advertising an individual’s core abilities, proficiencies, and work experience to potential employers. Their definition may seem easy; but not their preparation. Careful thought, reflection, and logical expression of ideas are essential in preparing a quality resume. There are numerous resume tips available online and in hard copies to assist individuals write… Read More »


A good resume should grab the attention of the reader – within a period of 30 seconds – while at the same time, not be too wordy as to bore the reader. The word ‘resume’ comes from a French word which means ‘summary’.  The resume should therefore contain the necessary information such as experience that… Read More »