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Different Ways to Format a Resume

Formatting a resume is very important mainly to the candidates who are seeking for a job or to the candidates who are in a plan to change their career. There are different ways to format a resume by which you can grab the reader’s interest. General information Use a white bond sheet and only black… Read More »

Three Types of Resume Formats

Resume is a document which is used to gain the employment. Resume preparation is an art. It should be prepared in such a way that it should impress the reader. In preparing such resume you should know its format. There are mainly three types of resume formats which are effective in preparing your resume in… Read More »

Resume Writing

Your resume could make a difference between you getting or missing out on a job opportunity. Therefore how you write your resume is very important. There are a variety of ways your resume can be written depending on what you want to emphasize and the industry you want to get into. The way a medical… Read More »

Student Resume

Student Resume   A student resume presents credentials and information of a person while he or she is still at school. One use for this is applying for part-time jobs or on the job training positions and more importantly, for jobs after college. In order to optimize a student resume, it is best to list… Read More »

Professional Resume Writing

Writing a winning resume is a personalized and comprehensive process. To create such a resume or a CV (curriculum vitae), involves protracting one’s unique experiences, skills, abilities and achievements. A professional resume writer also employs certain industry strategies to center on the student profile and goals. The writer can skilfully produce a powerful marketing profile… Read More »