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Resume Writers

Anyone who has a good command of English and can use a word processor can write a resume. The problem is that there are so many applicants for the same position in any single organization. If you are to get that interview you need a resume that will stand out. If it is your first… Read More »

Resume Writing Style

The resume structure or format builds form and flow into the resume and makes the reader follow the ideas easily. It is basically the design on the page, which makes the resume stand out in a pile and further beckons the reader to read more of it. Styles can either be conventional, informal or creative.… Read More »

Expert Resume Writing

The resume or curriculum vitae is a tool that has one very specific purpose which is to enable you secure that interview into college or a given job opportunity. The resume is most commonly handed in with a covering letter. The letter politely lays out a summary of the resume but the resume itself is… Read More »

Resume Writing Objectives

“Seeking to define and guide on placement of the objective in a resume”. This first sentence is an illustration of an objective. Let us define the word object as it relates to resume writing, and also show where, on the resume, the objective is best placed to be most effective. An objective is a goal… Read More »

Creative Resume Writing

In the current job market, a recruiter can receive over 500 resumes for each vacant position. This is a huge load of replicated information. Therefore, to grab the recruiter’s attention, a resume has to stand out from the ‘crowd’. One way of getting a creatively written resume is utilizing the services of a professional resume… Read More »