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Resume Writing Skills

Drafting a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) for a specific position or study program is not always easy. Probably the hardest part of the whole process is starting the document itself. Before putting pen to paper think about what to put down, how to put it down, what image will be portrayed to the reader… Read More »

Technical Resume Writing

A technical resume is a resume that only focuses on 2 key sections which are the section on professional experience and the section on skills. This resume is used only in cases where mentioning of knowledge or particular skills of specific technical nature is of high importance. A technical resume is much like a chronological… Read More »

Best Resume Writing

One important way to sharpen your skills on best resume writing is to use verbiage especially at the beginning of the resume. This instantly draws the attention of the reader who will quickly and instantly identify the role(s) in which the owner of the resume will be able to make a contribution. Use verbs to… Read More »


An engineering resume should clearly outline all the technical skills. To do this, add a technical summary or expertise section to the resume. Further more, it is appropriate to break the said section into subsections to provide a quick scrutiny of one’s knowledge or applications and programmes. Fortunately for the professionals in engineering, the resume… Read More »

Medical Resume writing

If you want to pursue a career in the medical field you must use a resume as a marketing tool. It gives an employer the first impression of who you really are. If you are a professional searching for a job you have to be wise with words. The key words you use in your… Read More »